30 Days warranty on mobile screens replaced or repair by Lakshmi Mobiles.

The 30 days warranty covers :

1.  Screen/LCD that malfunctions or does not work as intended or designed.
2.  Any display issues that may arise without any manual intervention and are related to the screen quality specifically dead pixels and touch issues.If the screen replaced by us causes any above-mentioned issues, you can claim a brand-new screen with the continued warranty of 30 days. 3.  Warranty will be only for the problem repaired.

Please note :

 It's also worth remembering that most warranties apply only to the original customer and are not transferrable.
 A proof of invoice is usually required to get warranty service. In Lakshmi Mobiles screen /defective spare parts of your Mobile is not handed over to the technician, the warranty is not applicable.

To claim your warranty, you need to :

 Share the video of the phone with the prevailing display issue at lakshmimobiles.vaishali@gmail.com Send us your phone number/ Request number/IMEI Number. Just about any of it at lakshmimobiles.vaishali@gmail.com or Call 9782441444

How can I claim my warranty ?

  For claim the warranty you can please connect via Mail or call to us at - And provide repair call in which the service details and Job No. delivered to you at the time of repair

How much time will Lakshmi Mobiles take to resolve my query, if it is coming under warranty ?

Our team generally resolves an issue within 48 hours to 72 hours from the moment you send us a query. You will get acknowledgement over mail for your query and your issue will be resolved as soon as possible. Warranty is limited to the parts and/or service(s) that were paid for. If only parts were purchased, warranty is limited to the replacement of the parts. If parts and repair service were purchased, warranty extends to cover the labor cost of part replacement and any other repairs specifically resulting from the initial repair.

What isn't covered by the warranty ?

Any loss of data occurring as a result of the repair - customers are advised to take a backup all data prior to the repair attempt.

  •   Warranty won’t cover any kind of accidental damage, it stands null and void.
  •   Direct damage or damages caused because of accidents will not be covered under the warranty.
  •   Subsequent mishandling which causes the frame to bend, twist, or crack will not be entertained.
  •   Subsequent mishandling with the screen such as hard press that may initiate discoloring or lining on the display.
  •   Subsequent accidental or purposeful drops.
  •   In the 30 days screen warranty, if the phone is dead or other problems occur, it will not be valid in the warranty.
  •   Water damage.
  •   Tampering with internal hardware.
  •   Damage resulting from attempted customer self-repairs.
  •   Software issues unrelated to the repair.
  •   Jail-broken devices.
  •   New damages unrelated to the original repair.